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\Hi everyone!

I'm just some being who likes Ginga and video games. 
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Thanks for stopping by!
The main pack leader: Kira

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Your welcome Meowzy (May 24th)

Wow tysm!Warriorcat499 (May 16th)

I was wondering if I could get Cress and Alceus from Flock? I just joined yesterday, and I was wondering if I could get any dogs in FlockBlueBi (May 12th)

Thank you!!!Piñata Colada (May 10th)

Its fine!! Piñata Colada (Apr 29th)

Thanks for taking Drake!AquaticCryptid (Apr 9th)

Hi ! I do not have time to do commission anymore and I plan to remake my freebies when I have some time :)Situldis (Apr 9th)

yep! i have enough now :0Demona(Manga Sequal) (Feb 27th)

ahhhhhhh i only have 1,218 rations lol! i can give you on of my dogs with it?Demona(Manga Sequal) (Feb 25th)

Thank you~!Pepporoni_Pizza (Feb 22nd)

Your dogs are all so interesting and neatly designed!AquaticCryptid (Feb 13th)

I love your cat customs! :3Kid (Feb 2nd)

Sent!!Piñata Colada (Jan 25th)

I'm ready to buy him!!Piñata Colada (Jan 24th)

What price do you want for him??Piñata Colada (Jan 15th)

Yup!!!Piñata Colada (Jan 14th)

Thank you, yours are really cute too! I'm very late to this pfft.2FrostyPaws (Nov 22nd)

Np man :)Doberman (Nov 20th)

Oh Okay!! Traditional it is!!Piñata Colada (Oct 5th)

Sorry i've been slow on Your Commision! Its almost Done now Though! (School has made me really Busy) I may even Digitize it!! Piñata Colada (Oct 5th)

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