just some dude from norway

you can find my deviantart here if you're interested in seeing my art

i do custom comms, just message me if you want one


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i can do commissions! just pm me if youre interested vvOuija (Aug 27th)

Do you do custom commissions? ;o; I adore your designs so so muchNever (Aug 26th)

That's alright! Do you think about doing custom commissions though? The few that I got from you (Jinx, Spook, and I think Levi and Lure were made by you) I adore to pieces!Vix Swiss (Aug 22nd)

However, if you like her or my other customs (that I've actually made), I wouldn't mind doing a custom character trade with you.Vix Swiss (Aug 20th)

*I'm so sorry, Saki is not for sale. She and Vix are only there to help fight the bosses.Vix Swiss (Aug 20th)

I'm so sorry, Saki is not fpr saleVix Swiss (Aug 20th)

All oh your designs look so soft and lovely!AquaticCryptid (Mar 25th)

Any reason for the rations, friend? :o☆ Fuzzball ☆ (Jan 9th)

Are you doing Commission Customs?? if so id like to buy one!Piñata Colada (Aug 24th)

I love your custom dogs! If you are ever selling them let me know!!Piñata Colada (Aug 16th)

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