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I know it hasent been that long since i got back but i need a break. from everything. ill still do my best to get on when i can but i cant make any promises. im very upset, and i probly will be for a few months untill i accept the fact that i wasnt there and there was nothing i could do. 

i swore to my little brother i would protect him. that i would make sure no one would ever hurt him. ever. he has autism, which is one reason why i only want him to expeience the happy things in life. when anything scares him or hurts him its like he resets himself, and he has to build back up to where he was. I just found out as f 2/3/19 that he was abused by my mother's husband for almost a whole year. its hard for me not to want to hurt myself to take the pain from him. it hurts that im 17 hours away from him in a different state. it hurts that he will no longer be the happy-go-lucky over the top little dude that i raised and grew up with. it hurts that it is illegal for me to go to missouri anymore for my own saftey till im 18 because of this wreched man. it will forever be embbeded into his mind, as well as mine. last ime i was with him (summer of 2016) was a hard time for both of us. my brother and my mother had to watch as i almost had my life taken from me by a shut down yet still running hosptial that did experiments on people. he locked me in the vehical as he threatened my mom if i tried anything, with a knife, while making me get admitted into that hell hole. i have ptsd from it, but i was greatful it was me and not my little dude. i hoped that he understood that i would go through it all over again to keep something like that from happening from him. yet it still did. i knew that our "step-dad" was shady, but i was thinking it was only to me. he was wiccen, and he treated my brother like his son while i was there. he wanted him to be cheif and take his spot. even though i didnt like him in the slightest, i still found that soothing to my mind. i was worried with how he treated my mother, as he would fake seizers to pull her heart strings. never had i though he would do somehing to my brother. my brother. i will loath his exsistance on this planet till the day he dies.

With the war over the amethyst statue far from over, the first generation fighters have either passed or retired.Their offspring take control as they finish the fight started by their parents.

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Alright, send the rations whenever you're ready. :)Zjero Xytz (Feb 27th)

I'd prefer rations, though I'll go down to 5k for you, and I can put them on hold. Would that be okay?Zjero Xytz (Feb 26th)

Yep, sure! Are you okay with the current price?Zjero Xytz (Feb 25th)

Depends on what you have to offer, I can temporarily unlist it and you can show me what you can offer for it in PMs?jackson (Jan 24th)

Yes we can tradeInuru (Jan 18th)

How much for all the dogs your holding?Piñata Colada (Jan 17th)

Can you keep all the dogs your selling on hold? I wanna buy them all just need to build up the moneyPiñata Colada (Jan 14th)

Thanks for the comment~<3 I'm happy you like Niryo, I sometimes sell dogs so look out for themSnowChan (Jan 5th)

Hey I saw you rcomment! Customs seem kind of complicated, if you have the time could you tell me about them in a pm?LunarLion (Aug 26th)

I love yo doggos!Doberman (Aug 26th)

Hi ! I saw your comment on my journal, of course you can use my freebies for your comic :)Situldis (Aug 21st)

Thanks! it wont take long!Piñata Colada (Aug 16th)

Thanks! it wont take long!Piñata Colada (Aug 16th)

id like to buy Pride tide, is there anyway you can save him for me until i get the rations? Piñata Colada (Aug 16th)

Awww. Thank you! *Le purrs* ~Kiwi<3TheLovelyKizuato (Jun 20th)

I MADe the document publicPotato1can1fly (May 26th) Here is a link to the animal jam arctic wolf picture! Thanks!Potato1can1fly (May 25th)

"When you in the shower and the lights flicker" True Lol!TheLovelyKizuato (May 12th)

If you need any help with character designs for your manga, id be more than glad to help!!Piñata Colada (May 9th)

Haha, thanks! I love his design a lot, especially that beard :DZjero Xytz (May 3rd)

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