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Sorry about that, they didn't come with credit when I bought them! Thank you for letting me know you made them!Vix Swiss (Sep 10th)

Haha, yeah :DMesivaltas (Oct 21st)

900 DOGS!!!!Doberman (Oct 19th)

Hahaha, yeah xDMesivaltas (Sep 2nd)

Woah, you have over 900 dogs! XDZjero Xytz (Sep 2nd)

Thank you once more! :DZjero Xytz (Aug 23rd)

No problem c:Mesivaltas (May 8th)

Thank you again ♡Zjero Xytz (May 8th)

Yw <3Demona(Manga Sequal) (May 3rd)

Thank you for your nice comment Demona :DMesivaltas (May 1st)

i love how you do your collars its so cool and cute <3Demona(Manga Sequal) (Apr 30th)

No problem c:Mesivaltas (Apr 17th)

Again, thank you so much for your nice comment :3Zjero Xytz (Apr 17th)

No probem Situldis :DMesivaltas (Apr 10th)

Thank you so much for your.nice comment on my Ursa Major :)Situldis (Apr 10th)

No problem Zjero c:Mesivaltas (Apr 8th)

Thank you for your nice comment on Lark! :DZjero Xytz (Apr 8th)

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