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Hello!! I dont know how you managed to wander onto my page but welcome anyways!


Ill introduce myself! My names Mollie, I also go by Pinata.

I love Anything and everythings thats even the slightest bit Trippy!

I Also have a big obsession with gore!!

Im in many fandoms! youll probaly find me all over the place.
Im currently in these fandoms: Animal Crossing, Bendy and the Ink Machine, HollowKnight, Ginga, Deltarune ETC.

I Draw, Animate, and much more!!   

Im a big fan of music!! I sadly dont make any but I plan to!! 
Im Curently a big fan of Tally Hall, Lemon Demon and Cavetown!

You can find me on these sites 

(My Chicken-Smoothie Account)

(My artfight Account)

(My Deviantart)

(My Wolf-Haven Profile)

My Tumblrs! (Floof mun)

My Ask blog! (Pinata)

My MeWe Account!

My Toyhou.se!


100+ hours on Ohu Dogs

Created ZombISkye, Scre[Curon], Boss. , Elijah, Purgatory,  Okapi, Borris, Ink,, Chem,  Zen, Ske, Scribs,  Arrow, Demith, Ako, Rave[Curon], Bland, Zech[Curon] , Brush




Last Online on Sep 18th, 2019
Joined on Dec 8th, 2017

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Thank you for the rations :,0I-Twofaced-I (Mar 24th)

Thanks for the welcome! Also holy heck dude you've got some awesome customs! :DArtemus (Mar 23rd)

Thank you for the welcome! :DI-Twofaced-I (Mar 22nd)

Thank you ^^ You've got some really neat customs! I love Bob lol0oka (Mar 21st)

thanks a lot for the warm welcome to the game <3 also lemme say you have some incredibly awesome custom dog in here my dude, especially lycus, rb-a and legit everyone with crazy swirly eyes *O*Necrogerbil (Mar 9th)

ah thanks, im a little better now! it was just hard to come to the fact that i wasnt there ;-;Demona (Manga) (Feb 16th)

thank you so much! <3 you got some rly cool ones too!red-anteater (Jan 27th)

Sure thing :)Zjero Xytz (Jan 23rd)

Thank you for the nice comment. I will let you know if I am sellig him. ^^TheLovelyKizuato (Jan 19th)

Very interesting, please tell me more :)Zjero Xytz (Jan 18th)

No worries, take your time! I'd actually love the traditional one more, I hope it's okay with you :)Zjero Xytz (Oct 5th)

I doInuru (Oct 2nd)

You're welcome!! ^^TheLovelyKizuato (Sep 28th)

I do :)Zjero Xytz (Sep 28th)

Love your Art!!Doberman (Sep 28th)

i like zen thanks Inuru (Sep 27th)

Thank you :) – (Sep 11th)

Aw, thank you so much! I hope I'll enjoy it too!Bitterstreet (Sep 9th)

I love your customs! Doberman (Sep 8th)

Thank you so much for the rationsOliveOtter (Sep 4th)

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