Hi everyone!

im just a random person who loves Ginga and stumbled upon this lovely site :3

I first discovered ginga back when i was in highscool and i have been in love with the series ever since!

i consider ginga nagareboshi gin to be one of my top animes of all time! Alongside naruto shippuden,bleach,one piece, berserk(original)castlevania,voltron and many others (I adore anime if u couldn't guess XD)

im open to any messages if u wanna chat or I love roleplaying so we could do that if u prefer :) I love making friends so honestly don't feel scared or shy just come talk I'm open if u need to vent or need advice etc I just like meeting u awesome people n getting to know u ^.^


after I first watched the show I made one of my first ocs called kira (the red dog below!) who I have a side account for as I have her story and other characters but I'm yet to make a comic for it. Alongside her is the leader of this account noshiki, who was made by the lovely snow-chan and I've completely fallen in love with him and I intent to include him in kira's story at somepoint :D

I'm ALWAYS open to getting art of these two and will happily pay in rations, art or custom comissions, just send me a message if u would be willing to do something for them :3

please not i am 7 hours ahead of OD time so be patient with my replies :)

thanks for stopping by <3



Extra links:

you can visit this account to see my own custom character series! (kira's Stuff)

 As well as a sequel to that series on This account!

feel free to check out this pack to see my ginga customs!

I also do custom commissions! U can find my shop >>HERE<<


And you can find me on these sites:

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IM ALIIIIIIIIVEDoberman (Aug 7th)

-huggers- it feels awesome <3Demona (Manga) (Aug 3rd)

lol! wanna see the WIP of pg 1?Lovebull (Aug 2nd)

They are! A nice little surpriseVix Swiss (Aug 2nd)

I did XD two of them even came with headshot icons, which was a very nice surprise.Vix Swiss (Aug 2nd)

Thank you very much :)Zjero Xytz (Aug 2nd)

Thank you so much!Vix Swiss (Jul 23rd)

She is my new favorite!Doberman (Mar 5th)

Congrats!!Doberman (Feb 24th)

howdy 👀LEO (Jan 20th)

I made yet another commission request. I know it is PRETTY complicated so i apologize, I just REALLY love this movie and you have some of the best commissions I have EVER SEENDoberman (Jan 2nd)

😊Doberman (Jan 2nd)

I love your customs :), they are all so clean and pretty, I would also like to take this line and thank you once again for the customs you have made me, :) thanks a bunchDoberman (Jan 2nd)

i lov wolfs rain XD hige is my fav lolDemona(Manga Sequal) (Jan 1st)

hi, thank you!! not rn i'm afraid, been a busy couple days =v=LEO (Dec 29th)

Thank you!~<3SnowChan (Dec 28th)

yup, thank you!!!Piñata Colada (Dec 12th)

Aaaaaargh smudge looks soooooo gooooodDoberman (Dec 2nd)

Hey Ghouly_, been a while Doberman (Nov 21st)

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