Welcome to my page

I am 15 years old!

My birthday is March 17!

I am Pansexual

I enjoy drawing, and watching anime!!

My favorite shows and animes to watch are Ginga Densetsu Weed, Bleach, Voltron Legendary Defenders, and Ouran HIghschool Host Club.


Main leader: Kizuato

Follow/Add me on my other Social Medias:

Instagram: @TheLovelyKizuato

Discord: KizuatoNatsumi#8445

TikTok: @Thelovelykizuato

Deviantart: WolfGam3rGirl32

AnimalJam: Ramunethewolf

Have fun!! ^^

Being inactive for a while due to some internet problems.


Last Online on Sep 17th, 2019
Joined on May 4th, 2018

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Currently have hunk awaiting approval and pidge almost done :3 I've got 48k rations to blow so I'm hoping to make a lot of the characters XDGhouly_ (Jul 20th)

Hi my friendMoriko (Jul 10th)

Nice 👍 Meowzy (May 23rd)

Do u know wat Wings of Fire is I’m taking a survey Meowzy (May 23rd)

That's the one I forgot to add! I don't post on Insta as much, but I'm Spiritkincreations on there~SpiritKin (Nov 24th)

SureDoberman (Nov 22nd)

I feel ur pain of boredom Doberman (Nov 21st)

Namari is beautiful Doberman (Nov 21st)

OMG Kin is SO C. O. O. L Doberman (Nov 19th)

pffft they do!Piñata Colada (Nov 16th)

Thx for ur consideration Doberman (Nov 12th)

Sorry I’ve been so slow with rp, my friend just passed away and I’m still grieving Doberman (Nov 12th)

MeeperzzDoberman (Nov 5th)

Hi, wanna do the warrior cat rp with me, I’m seriously boredDoberman (Nov 4th)

Thanks for the dog!jellyphants (Oct 31st)

Actually, no :00 I just remembered! I found Norwick for sale and bought her. Later Zjero Xytz asked me about since they didn't actually give Norwick to me. This was awhile ago though and it's all sorted out.Iisho (Oct 20th)

Yes, they're from Zjero XytzIisho (Oct 20th)

Skkkr skkkkrDoberman (Oct 14th)

Meepity meeeeepDoberman (Oct 13th)

did you get the rationsInuru (Oct 4th)

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