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Main account for マスクされた信仰、秘密のパック

Masuku sa reta shinkō, himitsu no pakku

Masked Faith, Pack of Secrets

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の間に No ma niカスケードオーロラKasukēdoōroraジェスタービレッジ Jesutābirejjiジュエルラダー Jueruradāテンプルミスト Tenpurumisutoボルゾイ銀行 Boruzoi ginkōマスクされた信仰 Masked FaithEach His OwnGurando tentai tenbō-daiKekkanSerōvilleSLK Second Life KennelsThose To Die古代ホール Kodai hōru敵の十字架 Teki no jūjika

So happy ur back tho :3 HUGSGhouly_ (Aug 3rd)

YAY!! Giggles, Laughs, and Smiles!!Doberman (Mar 19th)

tanks for the rations, what for?Doberman (Mar 18th)

lolDoberman (Mar 17th)

🍍 + 🍕Doberman (Mar 16th)

Ah jeez, im so sorry that all that is happening to you..Piñata Colada (Feb 15th)

Yeah. You can have Mysitca. TheLovelyKizuato (Jan 22nd)

yes you canInuru (Jan 17th)

Could you keep all the dogs your selling on hold? Id love to buy them all, just need to build up the currency. Piñata Colada (Jan 14th)

your dogs r BEAUTIFUL! – (Jan 6th)

I LOVE ur beautiful dogsDoberman (Jan 2nd)

theyre great!! exo hasnt made a single song that i dont like and listen to regularly, thats how i know theyre good~LEO (Dec 30th)

Ghouly_ (Dec 30th)

I wish you luck with your tablet!!Piñata Colada (Dec 4th)

Thank you for the rations! AAhHh!!candyiguana (Oct 1st)

Thank you so much for Soki :)Doberman (Sep 16th)

Thank you for your nice comment :)Doberman (Aug 25th)

Sending the rations!!Piñata Colada (Aug 20th)

Thank you again ^^Zjero Xytz (Aug 20th)

Ill send you the 4k, on here right?Piñata Colada (Aug 20th)

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