I am from Germany 

So my englisch  could be strange sometimes 

In my free time i like to Read, play videogames and draw

my dogs are sorted by wins (high to low) 

Pixel by trace-memory on Da

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Sad to see that you really can't trust people when it comes to selling customs. And thank you, I didn't want to sell her, but figured she was probably a duplicate. I'm glad that she's not, I really like her.Vix Swiss (Aug 24th)

Really? That sucks, the person I bought them back from lied to me then. And I couldn't find any duplicates of them. Also, since I bought her from you I would like to know. Is Lucy (under For Sale) a duplicate? If she's not I'd love to keep her instead of re-selling her.Vix Swiss (Aug 24th)

Yep! ^^TheLovelyKizuato (Oct 4th)

I love all your dogs based off of games XDDemona (Manga) (Oct 2nd)

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