HI My name is alexia and im 14 years old

I like pokemon, ginja weed, and wolf's rain

my birth day is march 18 


Last Online on Sep 18th, 2019
Joined on May 11th, 2018

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HelloTheLovelyKizuato (Jul 11th)

You can change my gift dog’s nameDoberman (Nov 19th)

Love ForestflitterDoberman (Nov 5th)

Posted on warrior cat rp sorry it took so long Doberman (Nov 2nd)

ThanksMoriko (Oct 8th)

Wolfy is adorable – (Oct 8th)

Booooooooored Doberman (Sep 26th)

ThanksMoriko (Sep 25th)

Gitsu is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Doberman (Sep 24th)

You’ve been accepted into my journal rp 😁 feel free to post your rp Doberman (Sep 21st)

Hi Alexis!!TheLovelyKizuato (Jul 8th)

MORIKO!!!! HAPPY PRIDE DAY!!!TheLovelyKizuato (Jun 1st)

Thank you! Your dogs are awesome as well! ^^TheLovelyKizuato (May 16th)

Oh okay! Just wondering :3Demona (Manga) (May 15th)

Ghouly gave it to me : DMoriko (May 15th)

How’d you get forestflitter? Im just curious XD as i dont recognize the usernameDemona (Manga) (May 15th)

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