Hi, Welcome to my profile. I'm Cookie.

I like Music, RPing, Wolves, Horses, Animals in gernal, and Singing. I like to goof aroud and make people smile. In high school. She/They. Have a great rest of your day.

I am trying to make new friends and have a good time playing. If you wanna talk, HMU. I have hangouts, just DM for it. :P

Last Online on Sep 18th, 2019
Joined on Dec 1st, 2018

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thank you, I'll try it out <3LavenderInk (Sep 3rd)

sorry, but where can I find "pixel art"? Because searching for that online doesn't really bring up a clear outcome.LavenderInk (Sep 3rd)

Hi i sent u rations so u can make your pride dogs :3 (sorry if my english is bad) and happy pride month!ujokaali (Jun 4th)

Thank you! CaptainBigwig (May 30th)

TyGlorybringer the wolf (May 27th)

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