Hdhdhd Hi!!!!

I liek 2 draa ent maek aneemashuns!

I really like horses, cats, dogs, tortises, parrots, and seals.

I am an American Latina 17 year old Female with HFA. (I mostly speak English)

I am also found as PrincezzFluffy in other places

I will only art now if paid.

Uhhh yea that's it bai!

Last Online on Jun 17th, 2019
Joined on Dec 2nd, 2018

Birdie's Buddies!Dark/Shadow PackTrain these bois!

You are welcome, Leafy!Princezz_Fluffy (May 28th)

TysmLeaf (May 22nd)

Yup, Ghouly is responsible for Noble ^^Sonder~ (Feb 28th)

@Piñata Colada Oh thanks for their names! They're cool!Princezz_Fluffy (Dec 10th)

The pink cat is named Pinata, Who is a Pinata demon. And the biocolored bat is named Flit!Piñata Colada (Dec 10th)

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