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I don't mind giving some of my packless dogs away! If you're a new user and / or have few dogs, just send me a message or a comment :) 
I'd like to keep dogs that belong to a pack though.
Closed until further notice since it led to some not-so-nice situations.

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🍎🐾The Flock

OkLeaf (May 25th)

Really? Who was it I can report them for uMeowzy (May 23rd)

TysmLeaf (May 21st)

That’s ok can I hv shark 🦈 Leaf (May 21st)

Hi I was wondering if I could get AF I’m a new user I joined today.Leaf (May 20th)

I’m a new user I joined about two weeks ago could I plz hv a dog. It’s ok if I say no, because to weeks isn’t that much new. Warriorcat499 (May 16th)

Ozy is soooo cute I love dogs 🐶 Warriorcat499 (May 16th)

I was wondering if I could get Cress and Alceus? I just joined yesterday, and I was wondering if I could get any dogs BlueBi (May 11th)

I'm so glad to see my old dogs going to a good home! Thank you for taking so many of them in!Vix Swiss (May 10th)

thanks for buying nachos bellgrande!! also congrats on the lottery win!paraibaquartz (Mar 24th)

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