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A very goopy boy that I love 💚💜 He fits in so well with my monsters of Halloween Town!Vix Swiss (Sep 3rd)

I love the Neopets. Gelerts are my favorite! Did you make the lineart?☆ Fuzzball ☆ (Aug 24th)

so pretty!!! I love them!!!Speedythekitty (Jul 17th)

Lovely n unique customsGhouly_ (Jul 2nd)

lovely designs! :3ujokaali (Jun 30th)

Thank you!I-Twofaced-I (Jun 27th)

Maybe I have to admit... yeah I do they are kinda cool and I can't stop buying themMikazufrogg (Jun 26th)

Can you keep a hold of rose so I save up for them?I-Twofaced-I (Jun 26th)

niiiceyork (May 10th)

I'm glad to hear that! Hanako was designed by Mesivaltas (user 2265) :) Zjero Xytz (Apr 29th)

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