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Welcome to my Profile!

I do commissions, Requests, and adopts, even customs.

I write info on that in my Journal btw.

Please do not down people or my designs. If I catch you doing this you will Be reported.

Thank you!


Last Online on Jul 7th, 2020
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U will find a lot of copy dogs on this site from custom batchesGhouly_ (Jul 1st)

So checkbefore simply saying my dog is a recolour of urs, because they are from the exact same batch the creator sold. Before trying to insinuate I possibly copied itGhouly_ (Jul 1st)

Uh actually ur dog tsuko yomi is NOT unique. It alog with mine are just different coloured variants of the dog the seller made. Mine isn't a copy a sura isn't the original, they were sold as a witch batch..... Many people make 5 of the same pattern but diff colours n sell themGhouly_ (Jul 1st)

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