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Lovely customs :3Ghouly_ (Aug 28th)

I could definitely do customs! just pm me whenever if youre interested:)Ouija (Aug 26th)

yes there are more of that dog design you can find my dog named kazan in my .... pack and Lucy isn't a duplicate i only uploaded that design once. Inuru (Aug 24th)

one of my fav galleries scumbigula (Aug 22nd)

aah okay! i love ur customs, but im not too interested in getting custom characters sadly!Ouija (Aug 22nd)

I got a few with icons too, they're super cute :3Ghouly_ (Aug 2nd)

U bought the rest I see XDGhouly_ (Aug 2nd)

I’d have to slightly disagree with that ^^ anywho, I hope you have an nice day! :)I-Twofaced-I (Jun 16th)

Alright okay, I just guess I’m being and idiot over here then. Sorry to keep bothering you about this “:)I-Twofaced-I (Jun 16th)

Understandable, but I was You I’d probably explain what you mean by ‘accept your dog’ since you haven’t really explained what people need to do. But maybe I’m just being a tad stupid here.I-Twofaced-I (Jun 15th)

I’m also confused why you won’t refund though, I’ve essentially gave you money for nothing due to being unable to understand what you were saying.I-Twofaced-I (Jun 14th)

Oh, I’m really confused now but okay. I thought you mean send the dog for you to accept. I must of missed something then, sorry :(I-Twofaced-I (Jun 14th)

Oh sorry, I accidentally read it the wrong way around! I’ll send it now, sorry about that “:)I-Twofaced-I (Jun 14th)

Your customs are really cool ! I love your pokedogs :oSituldis (Jun 11th)

Hi i posted the comment on my sisters account I saying srry cause my sister is making meLuna (May 16th)

But I would use rations to pay for the custom dog if u did make one for me but I know u won’t but that’s okay I’ll find someone else but I really like ur designs. U have talent!Warriorcat499 (May 16th)

That’s ok! But why don’t u want to do business with me. I’m sorry but the way u said that sounded a little rude. Like I said before it was my sister but I understand if u don’t believe me just look her up her username is Luna. She hacked into my account.Warriorcat499 (May 16th)

How much r the custom made ones.Warriorcat499 (May 16th)

It's my pleasure ^^Flock (May 10th)

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