'I t ' s N o U s e G o i n g B a c k T o Y e s t e r d a y , B e c a u s e I W a s a D i f f e r e n t P e r s o n T h e n'

' W e ' r e A l l M a d H e r e '


༺ W e l c o m e T o M y H u m b l e A b o d e ༻

Hello! Your regular o' Newbie here!

I've been a fan of Ginga for 2 years, never bothered to read the manga of which I would if I could I haven't met many fans of ginga in my time of watching the series, I hope I can make a few new friends here. I'm extremely new to the series and everything regarding it.

I'm an advanced artist working on realistic sketches and such, not that great but still a work in progress I mean we all have flaws don't we?

17, Nonbinary & Pan, Them/They Pronouns preferred however I'm not one to get upset over incorrect gender pronouns so I'm fine with any and all pronoun preferences

I do indeed plan to make as many customs and I can IF I can, big on the color orange and will most likely include that with all of my customs


I'm a big social bean with a bit of sarcasm thrown into the mix, I don't bite and will most likely respond to everyone with a friendly message and such. Big Talker, I'm told I can't keep my mouth shut ever heh!

   (Work in progress, I plan to make some art for my profile If I can)


Last Online on May 25th, 2020
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tokyo ghoul is one of my favs to!chasing the sun (Apr 1st)

ayyyye nice! thinking about making hide nextchasing the sun (Apr 1st)

that's because it is kaneki-based djkghdj thank u!chasing the sun (Apr 1st)

Actually i don't have any troubles making them and sorting them, although there were quite a few that i didn't remember where they were supposed to go. Rowletlover2017 (Mar 18th)

Ah thank you so much! Im really glad you like them!!Piñata Colada (Mar 16th)

I'm glad you like them!Zjero Xytz (Mar 16th)

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