Terms of Service

By accessing Ohu Dogs you (the user) agree to abide by all on site rules and regulations as well as any local laws. If at any time you cannot agree to follow these terms, you are not allowed to access the site.

User Conduct

  • Ohu Dogs expects every member act in a mature manner and to treat each other with dignitary and respect.
  • Scamming, hacking, and harassing behavior is strictly forbidden.
  • Do not impersonate any other person, member or not.
  • Do not exploit game glitches or bugs. Please report all glitches or bugs report it to staff immediately, either through the forum or to an administrator. If glitches or bugs are exploited, your account may be reset (rations, clicks, etc.).
  • Staff are to uphold all the same rules as members. There is no leeway given due to rank. If you believe a staff member is at fault, please contact an administrator.


  • Please keep chatspeak to a minimum. Correct spelling and grammar is highly encouraged. Posts that repeatedly have major spelling and grammatical errors and chatspeak may result in warnings.
  • Mild swearing is allowed in moderation. Vulgar, offensive, or demeaning words or phrases regarding but not limited to ethnicity, religion, lifestyles, sexual orientation, or politics is never allowed.
  • Respectful discussion of religious or political topics is allowed. Any offensive, passive aggressive or derogatory posts will not be tolerated.
  • "Bumping" posts is allowed in moderation.
  • "Mini-moding" is never allowed. Please do not correct another user if they violate the rules. Immediately report the user to an administrator.
  • Begging in the forum is not allowed. Giveaways, trades, contests, sales, etc. are all allowed but do not ask directly for items without offering something in return.


  • Usernames, dog names, or descriptions should not be offensive in any way. Administrators reserve the right to change any usernames and may ban accounts if the problem persists.
  • Users are allowed multiple accounts, but we request you do so sparingly. If you let someone "account sit" for you, do note that we are not responsible for what happens to your account.
  • Selling of accounts is allowed, but do note that awards and battle history cannot be transfered.
  • Trading site currency and items for other site currency and items is allowed, provided that the other site allows cross-site trading as well. Trading any virtual currency or items for any real currency or items is never allowed.

Abiding by Staff

  • Any decision made by staff is final. If you feel a staff member is has treated you unfairly, contact an administrator. Any decision made by an administrator is absolute. Publicly arguing with moderators and administrators about official decisions is a bannable offense.


  • Ohu Dogs reserves the right to revise and alter these Terms of Service at any time. All changes will be publicly announced so that all users are aware of the official rules at all times.


  • Any characters or locations from Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Ginga Densetsu Weed, or its related series are © Yoshihiro Takahashi. Ohu Dogs takes no credit and makes no profit for these creations, and only wishes to use those characters and locations to create a game for fans of those series.
  • Do not upload or display copyrighting material unless you have written permission from the creator. This includes custom dog designs. Use of unauthorized material will result in being banned.
  • Users are not allowed to use official Ohu Dogs artwork without giving credit directly back to Ohu Dogs. You cannot sell anything using Ohu Dogs artwork for real profit or a virtual currency that can be exchange for real money. Virtual on-site profit is acceptable.
  • Ohu Dogs was created by Regnant. Any site coding that was not created by Regnant was created by other staff members, commissioned, or was open source.

Privacy Policy

  • Ohu Dogs will never share any personal information unless required by law or in the event that Ohu Dogs must defend itself in a legal matter.
  • In compliance with COPPA, any user under the age of 13 is not allowed to access Ohu Dogs. If a user is discovered to be under the age of 13, the account will be banned.
  • We collect emails for login and account recovery purposes, but will never send a direct email to you unless it is needed for security or legal reasons. We also track IP addresses to monitor dog clicks. No other sensitive information is stored, and you will be notified if there is ever a breach of our database. View our cookie policy.
  • We do use some Google Ads in the footer of our page, which does collect some data from you. If you wish to adjust what data is collected, or don't wish to see a certain ad, click the light blue icons in the upper right corner of the ad.

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